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Forest Fire

Forest Technologist Professional Standards

FPRC has established a set of national professional standards for forest technologists. The standards are adopted by the provinces that regulated forest technologists and will be used for accrediting post-secondary programs and completing credential assessments for individuals trained in forest technology. 

Forest technologists are currently a regulated profession in the provinces of British Columbia, Alberta, and Saskatchewan.


Professional practice standards provide an overall framework for the practice of forest technologists. Each standard describes, in broad terms, the professional expectations of entry to practice forest technologists and apply to all forest technologists, regardless of area of practice. 

The standards provide the framework for forest technologist practice in Canada by:

  • describing performance criteria for forest technologists,

  • defining scope of practice to the public and other professionals,

  • providing a framework for professional practice, and

  • providing a foundation to all aspects of the regulation of the profession including registration, practice standards and professional exams.

​Forest technologists applying for registration as a professional must meet all the measures within the standards.


If you have any questions on the process, please contact FPRC directly.

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